5 Tips for Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

Selecting a criminal defense attorney is one of the most vital decisions a person can make. If they choose a lawyer who focuses on other types of cases, they may not get the outcome they’re looking for. However, if they choose an experienced firm, they can increase their chances of success. Below are some tips on finding the right criminal attorney.

Consider the Lawyer’s Experience

Clients shouldn’t turn to general practice firms unless they want non-specific advice. When someone faces criminal charges, they have a better chance of a favorable outcome when they turn to a lawyer who focuses on criminal law.

Determine the Firm’s Location

Criminal laws vary by jurisdiction, and even if a family member or friend has had a positive experience with a lawyer, that doesn’t guarantee a good outcome. During criminal cases, the firm’s location should be one of a defendant’s top considerations. By choosing a local attorney, a client can get the benefit of the lawyer’s legal experience as well as their knowledge of the federal and state courts.


Read Testimonials From Past Clients

Do past clients have complimentary things to say about the firm? Before hiring an attorney, read testimonials and reviews to get an idea of the level of service to expect. Most lawyers’ websites include a client testimonial section, and online legal directories are another great source of information on local law firms. By reading these reviews, potential clients can learn how well a lawyer does his or her job.

Choose a Team Size

A complex case may require a legal team, while a straightforward one may benefit from a single attorney’s personalized, hands-on approach. Clients should decide whether they need a legal team or one-on-one attention from a solo lawyer.

Consider the First Impression and the Firm’s Communication Style

Does the lawyer put clients at ease the moment they enter the office? Do they rush through consultations and phone calls? Note how each lawyer communicates, and rely on instinct to make decisions. Clients should consider their communication preferences as well. While some lawyers like to talk over the phone, others prefer email. No matter the attorney’s communication style, clients should choose a lawyer who makes themselves accessible.

If a person is facing criminal charges, they should turn to an experienced, focused, and dedicated local attorney. Visit the firm online to learn more about its services, or call today to set up a no-obligation consultation.

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